A seasoned crew of organizers and adventurers. 

Offsiter isn't your typical band of misfits. Our brigade hails from frontier mountain outposts, nameless smugglers ports, and lawless border towns. We came up in back alley social clubs, earth floored cantinas, and were educated on big city streets by fixers and facilitators. Our journeys have taken us around the world, and our penchant for adventure helped us experience the authentic and real.

Throughout these expeditions locations were identified, and we got to know our hosts and their stories. Relationships were formed, and an ecosystem was cultivated. Respected documentarians captured these journeys, and expert anthropologists examined emerging networks. A team of polyglots translated the stories, and the worlds best librarians organized them.

The end result is Offsiter, a marketplace of retreats, activity hosts, and service providers. We hope you'll join us for your next adventure. 

note from our Founder: Greetings From Offsiter 

"Hello there, this is Hunter, Offsiter's founder. Since we're just getting started, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, and tell you more about what we're working on." Full article

Our Products & Services

We take the pain out of planning and booking offsites, retreats, and large organization gatherings. Learn how Offsiter works or contact us with any questions.

The Details

Offsiter was founded in April of 2017 by Hunter Block. Before Offsiter, Hunter spent 12+ years helping startups with product design and business development strategy.