Jim Greiner's Hands On Drumming! Corporate Team Building Drumming Programs Worldwide. Communicating, Collaborating & Celebrating Through Rhythm™

Fun, easy, enormously uplifting team building drumming activities and drum circles guaranteed to uplift and unify YOUR group!



Jim’s interactive programs are based on over three decades of his worldwide drumming and teaching experiences, including two years of drumming in Africa.  Jim’s corporate team-building and conference ice-breaking activities will actively engage your group members in reinforcing the real-world skills needed to synchronize their work rhythms, and to bring immediate and enduring benefits to your organization.



Santa Cruz, Bay Area, San Francisco, Wine Country, Lake Tahoe, Northern California, World Wide

Hands On Drumming comes to you!


Jim’s fundamental principles are Communicating, Collaborating & Celebrating Through Rhythm!™  

Jim will also work with you to seamlessly integrate your themes and goals into your customized rhythm session. Hands-On! Drumming® is guaranteed to:

  • Reduce stress levels during challenging times
  • Energize, focus and motivate people
  • Improve teamwork, communication and relationship skills
  • Align the participants with the organization’s values and goals 
  • Stimulate creativity, risk-taking and a “can do” attitude
  • Inspire group members’ own insights into their group dynamics and into their own lives
  • Create an uplifted atmosphere of celebration in the workplace and at meetings and conferences

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Jim Greiner is an internationally acclaimed percussionist, educator and inspirational speaker, and a pioneer in the creation of corporate team building drumming activities.  Jim has conducted well over 2,000 of his award-winning, cutting-edge rhythm-based programs worldwide.  His sessions consistently produce lasting results for corporate groups of all types and sizes.

Corporate & Conference Rhythm Sessions

Team Beats™ (30 minutes to three hours – 5 to 500 participants): Team building, energizing and celebrating rhythms for individual departments and the entire workforce.  Integrates your group’s themes and goals with Jim’s fundamental community-building principles of communicating, collaborating and celebrating.  An exciting way to connect and energize your group members at meetings, social events, during the work week, or as a stand-alone on-site or off-site workshop!

Conference Rhythms™ (15 to 45 minutes – 5 to 500 participants):  Jump start your conference or meeting with upbeat rhythms, while reinforcing your themes and goals!  Uses Jim’s Corporate Rhythm Kit of specialized percussion instruments.  Each instrument group plays a specific, and vital, role, in creating the Group Groove.  This reinforces the importance of everyone’s role in the group’s success.





Rhythm Melody™ (15 to 60 minutes – 5 to unlimited number of participants):  A celebratory team building and ice breaking activity using small, colorful tuned percussion tubes.  Invigorates and focuses the participants, and stimulates the free flow of ideas and information, at conferences, before meetings and breakout sessions, after meal breaks, and more!  A great way to accommodate any and all time, space and budget constraints.  Great as a stand-alone activity, or as part of an all-day or multiple-day event.

Keynote Rhythms™ (15 to 30 minutes – unlimited number of participants):  Quickly uplift and unify conferences of ALL sizes,,, literally no size limit!  Jim actively engages the participants with clapping and chanting, while weaving stories of his worldwide rhythm journeys and global cultural traditions into the session.  This is a lively and energizing way to present real-world communication and collaboration skills, reinforce your group’s themes, goals and shared values, and awaken an upbeat spirit of celebrating the blessings of Life!


“Super, really innovative!” “Energizing, fun… GREAT!” . . . “Very stimulating program . . . great insights!” . . . “Jim makes it easy and brought everyone together!”  – Written comments from business owners and CEOs about Jim’s seminar at the prestigious Center For Creative Leadership


“Jim Greiner was absolutely exceptional . . . an incredible keynoter. His message to business people is very powerful and eloquent, and his impact is deep and long lasting because he gets EVERYONE participating.”  – Robert Kramer, President, Visionary Strategic Consulting


“We appreciate your remarkable talent and exceptional leadership ability in helping to make the opening of our new exhibit, “Living Together, Celebrating Cultural Diversity” such a success. Your drum circle was the highlight of the event!” - The Field Museum Of Natural History, Chicago , Illinois

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