We build tools and services to help your business grow sustainably. 


Offsiter is a marketplace of retreats, activity hosts, and service providers. Our partners help people have meaningful experiences outside of the office, and our tools and services help our partners grow sustainably. Our business model is simple: accounts are free, and we take a 10% commission on any transaction originating in our marketplace. We're currently conducting a soft launch in Santa Cruz, California, and seeking partners to help test our tools and services.


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Join Offsiter

Join the Offsiter marketplace by creating a free account and telling us about your business.


Use Offsiter tools

Use our tools and services to highlight your brand to the Offsiter member audience.


Sustainably Grow Business 

Work with Offsiter to help manage client inquiries, logistics, bookings and payments. 


Marketplace Tools & Services

Photography Services

We can come to your location and take quality photographs that highlight your business. 

Beautiful Listing Pages

Build a business listing that highlights your brand, business, and unique offerings. 

Customer Service Support

Offsiter responds to simple inquiries to help save you time. 


marketing and sales Support

We highlight your brand to the Offsiter member audience, and qualify leads based on your preferences. 

Curated Experiences

Work with Offsiter to create unique experiences by combining offerings with complimentary partners in our network.

Online Scheduling, Booking & Payments

We’re building tools that take the hassle out of scheduling, online booking, and payments. 


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