Q. Does oFfsiter offer planning services?

A. Yes. Offsiter offers planning services that range from venue selection, theme development and itinerary programming, to onsite support. Learn more about our planning services here.

Q. Where is offsiter located?

A. Offsiter is currently offering planning and booking services in Santa Cruz, and expanding throughout California in 2019.


Q. Can anyone list their business on offsiter?

A. Offsiter works with our partners to ensure their locations, and services meet our strict quality standards. Sign up to learn more and get started building your listing.


Q. What kind of groups work with offsiter?

A. Offsiter helps teams, startups, growing companies, and large organizations have meaningful experiences outside of the office. We’ve worked with teams from companies like Google, Netflix, Facebook, Airbnb, PayPal, and more. We’ve also worked with growing startups, and groups from large corporations.